Monday, July 29, 2013

Shopping and suffering for a good cause #openslather

I received my family tax benefit top up last week which made me very bloody happy. Due to us making sweet F-all this financial year it been a long time between shopping sprees. Took the kids to kindergym on Thursday morning, then chucked them in the car and whipped up the Mount to Big W, KMart and Target(you know all the good shops), which has led to my new favourite saying(not) "Oh my Gok". Who the feck is he anyway?! Needless to say we are all sporting new clothes and shoes, lots of them. 

We're the owner of a new $39 HP printer too, which came with ink cartridges. The old Lexmark is in the wheelie bin, who's ink was getting expensive and hard to find. I just thought feck it, for that price it was cheaper just to buy a new one, with ink!! 

Took the kids to maccas for an early lunch and a play before we hit the shops, probably a good move; they were bloody angels and I was so thankful we got through two shopping centres and Target without a melt down my them or me, so thankful. 

Friday was a pretty good day too. I took Izzy to playgroup at the kindy she's starting pre-entry at next term, I know, next term!! This will see her integrate with other kids that she will go on to primary school with. The other kindy playgroup I had been taking her to for the past couple of years mainly has kids that are going on to private primary school and I didn't want her to start state school not knowing anybody.

Izzy is usually pretty quiet at first with people she doesn't know well, but she jumped right in like she owned the joint and played and talked flat chat to other kids off the bat. It was funny and very reassuring to see. Summer loved it too. As we walked out the gate with her cupcake paper covered salada box she said, "I love that new kindy", I was a very proud and happy mum.

After, we grabbed some lunch from the bakery and headed to the playground, it was a beautiful day, in more ways than one. 

I laughed in amazement as I saw the drink bottle we had left there two weeks before; it was found and left on a bench. Summer cracked it straight away and didn't want to drink out of anything else, I looked for a tap and rinsed it out so she could have her cordial in it. She really was losing it and having her favourite drinking vessel made her happy straight away.
Sooky la la at the playground

This is her earlier in the week. She's put 15 pairs of Izzys
undies over her head and couldn't get them off. Funny kid!

It's Sunday night, and I'm about to hit the sack. Went out with some girls last night, didn't get too smashed, but only had about four hours sleep last night. I got home about half one and got to sleep about 2 after filling in the hubby with all the important details. Summer came in our bed about half two, nappy change and a drink she wriggled, poked me in the back and rolled around my head before falling asleep. 

Izzy woke up crying, a nightmare I think, may have been the tree trolls in Bridge to Terabithia, she watched that with Brett while I was downing my first wines at my girlfriends place. She came in bed with me and Summer, Brett was kicked out into her bed, to tell the truth he voluntary made himself scarce! I got up at seven and have been suffering ALL day, from tiredness mainly. It was suffering for a good cause, a good night out on my own, but it will be awhile before I do that again!

How has your week been?

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  1. Well my last week (actually two) I haven't been up to much because Little E has been unwell and I've had cabin fever..bad! I'm in desperate need for a night out on my own. Little E has been throwing tantrum after tantrum and I'm trying to figure out if it's because he's teething, because he feels a bit yuk with a runny nose or if it's just a 19 month old thing. I need to tell my accountant to hurry up because I'm sure I'll get some FTB back because I grossly over estimated! Bring on a shopping spree...yay!

    1. Good luck, I overestimated too. Was so good to be able to go shop for what ever I wanted and not have to be held back by budget. There was a bit of bill paying done too ;)

  2. Isn't it crazy how it's cheaper to buy a new printer. We are sadly a disposable society.

    Had a great week last week - busy - but feeling sad because after 4 weeks of holidays, the hubster goes back to work tomorrow :-(

    1. It is crazy, although probably needed a new one, the scan function hadn't worked properly for a while on the old one. Hard to believe though it was cheaper to buy the new one, than one cartridge of ink for the other.
      Great you had a good week. After 4 weeks though, I would be glad to see my hubby go back to work!! ;)

  3. I could write a novel on how bad last week was!! Glad you had a good week!!

    1. Oh no, so sorry to hear that. Onward and upward. Good luck for you this week :)

  4. Love the undie necklace!!! My little one's done that a few times. So good to hear that kindy seems to look promising- my 3 year old also takes a little time to warm up- but I think we'll do kindy at his current child care to avoid another stressful transition. Tax return time is so exciting!!! We're always disorganised with ours- we tend to get round to it by the very end of the year.... but definitely could do with a pay out now (although I'll probably owe them money- so maybe I should hold off!!!)

    1. It was funny as seeing her with all those undies around her neck. I'm still in denial she is almost at kindy, time has gone in a flash.
      Hopefully you don't owe!

  5. Sorry still laughing at the lovely scarf made from undies. Could be the start a new fashion trend.


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