Thursday, January 10, 2013

Changing habits...or...My pants are too tight.

My size fourteens are feeling uncomfortable, I am not feeling good about it. The only alternative, besides watching what I eat and walking, is to buy size 16 and I am not having it!

I can't blame it on motherhood, however before I had the girls, I was a happy, confident size 10. I have let myself go.

I am not aiming for size 10 again, it would be fantastic, but I would be setting myself up for failure. Just a size 12, so the clothes I have fit, I feel confident and comfortable in them, along with my own skin. With less weight , more confidence in my appearance, other parts of my life will become easier to deal with. I know this. But just like giving up smoking, my head has to be in the right space. I am close, if not there.

The first step, small but substantially big enough, is cutting down on sugar. I have recently, well in the past 6 months or so, started drinking coffee. For the longest time I have been a tea drinker. Black, no sugar. I am sure the extra milk(I liked it milky), and the sugar(two) have been slowly making their impact. The first mouthful of a coffee with no sugar didn't appeal to me at all, I tipped it down the sink and made a black tea. Hello old friend. It felt and tasted right. I have been a cranky, irritable and short tempered bitch today. 

The second step is to make sure I am drinking at least a litre and a half of water, every day.

Thirdly, I need to check my food intake in between meals. NO picking at the kids leftovers! It is so easy to shove bits and pieces in when I'm cleaning up. Stay away from the biscuit barrel! Instead of having something healthy like fruit, I will graze out of the biscuit barrel, and then think, I need a coffee to go with that, and grab a couple more biscuits! I need to change my habits. 


  1. Hi Alicia, I am going through the same thing, just had my 3rd and last child. He is now 7mths old. Time for me to get off the couch. I have to stop munching on snacks at night time when kids are in bed. Best of luck to you!

  2. I've sworn off writing about weight but I can identify with this. I'm at my all time heaviest for the reasons you've described - mindlessly vacuuming up the kids leftovers. I find that exercising makes me feel much better about myself.

  3. I am in the same boat, all for the same bad habits. I lost a few kilos before Christmas and all I did was stop the grazing really and then the festive fortnight came upon me and I've fallen into bad habits again. Gah.

  4. Damn shrinking pants! I'm pleased to hear I'm in good kids-leftover company with you and Mumabulous.
    I'm back on the no-sugar wagon since Monday. I feel better for it, but those first few days were tough!
    Good luck with it - let us know when you're rocking your twelves!

    1. Thanks, I will let everyone know! I have to shed about 15 kilos first :/

  5. Thanks Ann. Starting is the hard part!

  6. I think we must have the same brand of washing machines -clothes come out a little smaller with each wash !!!

    Thinking about it you are half way there.

    Last lost of weight loss I did - I learnt that if you exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast it gets your heart pumping and then when you eat breakfast it is burnt off alot fast than if you didn't move.

    I also found that breaking the biscuit in half and shaking out the calories before eating also helped a little.

    Good luck - you can do it - after all you ditched smoking and that is a biggy.

  7. I'm 2kg down, 13 more to go. Let's do it together :)


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