Thursday, August 23, 2012

Painted pinboard

Creativity kicked in this week, I'd been wanting to create some sort of pinboard for quotes, photos and stuff.  I'd seen great things made out of old pallets and really wanted to create something using an old one we had in the shed, but it all seemed a bit too hard.

While googling for ideas I came across a fabric covered pinboard that things were held on with criss crossed elastic. My budget is thin, so using my thinking cap, I opted for a canvas, a tube of white paint and elastic, all from the cheap shop for $12.

When we built on a couple of years ago, I did a painting using the paint we used for the walls, and some leftover bits in cans we had sitting in the shed. I can't take credit for this design, I ripped it off from one I had seen for sale on the internet for $150, the canvas cost me $15, big saving. The colours are different and I added the dots, and just a little bit less professional. 

When creativity is ripe, it's very hard to wait for paint to dry!! 

I used Isabels water colour paints to tint the white acrylic paint. When you buy tubes of acrylic paint it always pays to water it down so it's easier to work with, and it goes a bit further.
I paint the canvas with a light grey background, I tried to get it as close as the Dulux White Duck( I think I went with the half duck) that is on the adjacent wall to where the board will go.

I then use tape to section some lines and stipple them with white, so the colour is not so solid. 
I darken the grey with some brown and black from the water colours and section off some more lines. It was at this point I run out of sticky tape and call it a night, if I had the supplies I would have stayed up all night finishing it!

The left over space I put some pattern into. I opt for a pink flowery design. The pink is made with the Dulux Murray Red that is on the walls and lightened with the white acrylic. I drew the pattern on with chalk, and wiped it off when the paint was dry.

I stretched the elastic and spaced it about 15 cm apart, securing it with a staple gun at he back. Voila!!
I think it fits in quite nicely, and it doesn't look too bad!


  1. It looks great Alicia! Well done and I think I'm inspired to make one too heh

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Well done! looks fantastic, filing it into my large bucket of things to try one day.


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