Friday, October 9, 2015

New wheels and old memories

Summer's got a new shiny bicycle. While Brett dropped her old one at the recycle centre, he scored a bike for me. He drove home with it strapped to his roof racks.

It has a little surface rust, but otherwise, someone has too much money because there is nothing wrong with it. I still has dimples on the tyres! I am now a happy bike rider. We had a lovely Sunday last week, riding to a new cafĂ© for lunch and then on to the playground. It was a great family outing. Since I have ridden to the library with the girls too. I do need to get a basket though.

I am no stranger to scrounging at the town dump. When I was a child, growing up in country Kalangadoo, Dad managed the local tip.

I spent many a weekend and school holiday foraging and fossicking through the towns discarded waste.

We got used to which bags contained Mrs Hayes' Great Dane shit, and which had toys and books. You never saw five kids move so fast when on of us yelled out "Toys!".

We had endless old cars to play in, and a herd of feral kittens to try catch. Mum never let us take them home.

In those days, all the old tyres were piled high and set on fire. The smell was atrocious, and we were mesmerised at the stories high plumes of the blackest smoke billowing into the sky. We were never allowed near.

General rubbish was graded up into piles and set alight too. These days we scrambled to find empty aerosol cans to throw into the burning flames. The exploding cans was fabulous entertainment for five little kids.

The lady down the road (who became one of mum's best friends), later told Mum how she felt sorry for her with her kids there.

I am aware now that some people probably looked down on us as kids. But it was just he way it was. We didn't feel sorry, we had a great time when Dad managed the dump!

Dad went on to run a successful scrap metal recycling business. We to this day, still call it Dad's supermarket. We'd always find something to take home after having a pick through.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

The one thing that is helping me along right now

We are being blessed with amazing weather this long weekend.

Yesterday we spent all day at nearby Southend, on the beach with friends. Brett put the boat in and did a spot of fishing.

The kids had an awesome day. Summer collected shells in her plastic bucket and Isabel played in the surf with the boy next door.

I applied sunscreen like a mad woman. At the end of the day, we were sunburn free, but sand was stuck to our skin, mixed in with sunscreen. There's no avoiding the sand.

It was baths and showers all round when we got home, and a load of washing to finish of our beach day.

I don't know where the kids find their energy. They still had plenty, but I was knackered. The warm weather does it. I am not complaining, I am loving the warmer days.

There's something else I am loving and that is my Write to Heal Signature Blend Oil. I bought and received it eight weeks ago and have used it almost every day. I love the scent, and I love the way I feel when I wear it.

It contains twelve essential oils, all beautiful. Being a gardener and in love with nature, I love all the scents that make up this blend. All I need do is take in it's scent and my stresses ease, so I am finding it fantastic to de-stress.

It is a pulse point oil and comes as a roll on. I apply it to my temples, my wrists and inner elbows. You only need a little and in eight weeks I have hardly put a dent in it. There's heaps left.

I have found my creativity has increased, and I have a new found yearning to learn. I've always had that yearning.  As a kid I loved to research and soak up knowledge. Using this oil has helped me discover it again as an adult. It got lost somewhere as I grew up, and life got in the way. I've started learning Spanish, and am really enjoying it!

I wasn't asked to review this oil blend. I love it so much I had to share how fabulous it is. I don't know much about the Chakras and all that stuff, but this oil has given me so much clarity of mind. It's given me confidence in my creativity and brought back my childhood thirst for learning.

I would totally recommend this if you feel 'stuck' in your life. If you need some inspiration, a boost to your creativity or some clarity. It has really helped me.