Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November garden

This patch, at the front of the house, is looking all gorgeous and stuff at the moment. It's a sea of blue and burgundy.





My Little Drummer Boys
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Where the ferk is the paint place owl?

My place in time #88 - A shop that's no longer open

This post has been a few months in the works. I took the above photos back in August. 

It's the old Paint Place shop. The signs are still up, but no one is home. It's been closed down for a few years now.

The previous owner Andrew, now works at the nearby Banner hardware store.

I was in Banner yesterday buying plants. What else?! I bought a chilli plant, some capsicum plants and some lettuce seed, just incase you were wondering. If your weren't I was going to tell you anyway.

I happened to see Andrew, and asked about the owl on top of the shop. I had only noticed it earlier in the year and wondered how long it had been there. He asked if I was walking when I noticed it. Low and behold I had been. Apparently it was common for people to only notice it that way, instead of just driving past.

He informed me it had been there for about three or four years.

No word of a lie, I drove around the corner after our convo, and I'll be buggered if the owl wasn't there! I was like What the Ferk! The owl is gone!

I am wondering if Andrew too looked for the old owl when he left work, after being reminded, and is What the Ferking about where the owl has gone!

Where the ferk is the paint place owl?!

Rarely I blog on a Tuesday. Today was one of those days :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The big sandhill

My place in time #16 - An outing with friends

We went out for a drive with our neighbours and friends. They have kids around the same age as our kids. 

We actually went to dig up wild garlic near here, and took them to the 'big sandhill' for some sand boarding fun. We made the mistake of not taking lunch, we would have stayed longer and even driven over to the beach.

I've been coming here since I was a kid too. It's at the end of the dump road, or where the dump used to be. It's where many a four wheel driver come to test themselves, to see if they can make it up the hill in one go. The kids were lucky enough to see a few get up there. They youngest of our friends boys, was uber excited. It made his day. Seeing a motorbike come out of the dunes topped it off for him and he didn't stop telling us all about.