Monday, July 27, 2015

When life gives you lemons......

I had a bit of a shit day. Long story short. I got no thanks for building the greenhouse, which I did do amazingly well.

I paved a path down the centre, made a garden bed in there, went on the scab at our local hardware shop for unused shelving in their graveyard out the back and set up three shelving units. I worked hard.

The first thing I heard from the co ordinator was "It'll have to be moved". Well fuck me, if there is nothing wrong where it is, she's just being an old mole (she's really not that old). I told her I am not moving it. I saw her having a whinge about it to someone else and I lost my lolly. Lots of ef words. Lots of them. Probably too many. 

That kit sat in the shed for two years and now it's erected, it's in the wrong spot. Fuck off. As far as I am concerned, it's been in the wrong spot sitting in the shed for the past two years!

Enough about that. I might just not stop! She's going to have to move it herself, if she can find someone to help her. I'll be interested to see if it will take her another two years. 

Rebel shared this on Fazebook. It cheered me up. Life goes on.

Misheard song lyrics... I'M CRYING!
Posted by People Having A Really Bad Day on Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The A-Z of me, right now.

This is doing the rounds on Fazebook, seeing no one has tagged me, I am tackling it here. Feel free to do the same :)

A- Age:  42

B- Biggest Fear: Losing a child

C- Current Time: 10:20, Tuesday night, 21 July

D- Drink you last had; cab sav

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Mum and my friend Kat.

F- Favorite Song: Last song I got down with was Slim Shady on the way to Woolies on Monday. The kids were cracking up, informing it was a silly song, and obviously hilarious! I had it cranked. I like all music.

G- Grossest Memory: Blowing down a sprinkler hose and having a frog leg pop out. Gross.

H- Hometown: Kalangadoo SA

I- In love with: the few hours after the kids go to bed and the Bronnie Bishop memes going around at the moment.

J- Jealous Of: My SIL just spent a week in QLD, yeah her. Love you Cat.

K- Killed Someone? Um. No.

L- Longest Relationship: Husband.

M- Middle Name: Maria

N- Number of Siblings: four, two brothers (twins), two sisters. One of my brothers doesn't have kidneys, on dialysis, please tick your licence to be a donor and inform your family of your wishes.

O- One Wish: For my brother to receive a kidney. This always seems like a catch 22, because it means someone has to lose a loved one, for him to have a life.

P- Person who you last called: A lady at the Community learning Centre to inquire about getting something made for our community garden.

Q- Question you're always asked: Hi. How are you?  I mostly lie. Except for the past week, I've said I am ordinary. Goes over like a bucket of shit. No one cares anyway and it's not what they want to hear.

R- Reason to smile: Kids laughter and amusing shit.

S- Song last sang: Can I get a moment? - Jessica Mauboy. Today dancing around with Summer.

T- Time you woke up: 7:12 am

U- Underwear Color: White. The black ones are mostly reserved for that time of the month. Which it is not.

V- Vacation Destination: Sydney. It's been way too long since I was there.

W- Worst Habit: Chewing my nails.

X- Xrays you've had: Fractured wrist at primary school, darn monkey bars. I had a pinched nerve in my back when preggers with Izzy. I was in so much pain, the doctor thought I might have broken ribs. Was total confusion when I was wheeled into the hospital in a wheelchair. Not having a baby. Just done me back. Lets xray your ribs. Dumb doctors. Oh and I am sure I have had too many at the dentist.

Y- Your favorite food: Uh, der. All of it. This gut don't lie (all homage to Shakira)

Z- Zodiac Sign: I am a self destructing Virgo.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Just a bit of cross stitch and a pinch of crazy

It's Monday again! How do they come around so fast?!

I am loving this Monday especially because its back to school, and there is so much awesome stuff happening this week. Like back to school.

I was enjoying the longer lie-ins of the past two weeks. I am a little miffed about the thought of being up early. I will not be loving my phone this morning, because it will be ringing at me to get the hell up( do I have to?). Yes I will have to get up.

I do love routine though, and well, back to school.

The past week we've all been crook. The blasted cold from sucksville. I felt like rubbish the last few days, and don't think that I haven't milked that shit for all it was worth.

This last week has been not all bad. I picked up a cross stitch piece I was given a couple of years ago. It's a table cloth kit that was given to me by a friend of mums. It's an old New Idea magazine pattern, and I only can only guess from the eighties or there about.

I have been at it like a mad woman, and am nearly finished! Keep an eye out on Instagram, for I should be done with it by the end of the day, finally! This does not come without a tender middle finger from pushing a needle through a hundred or so stitches. Next time I will start out with a band aid on my finger from the start to counter act this, instead of a cure.

One last thing I am excited about being done with this week, is the greenhouse at the community garden. The green house kit was bought with grant funding about two years ago. Long story short, lost instructions, wrong replacement instructions, no motivation, half wits and lack of ambition have seen the green house not constructed in that time. Not a good reflection on the community garden.

It was suggested a letter of apology be written to the grant providers. Over my dead body! If there was to be a letter of apology to be written, it will be written with a picture of the completed greenhouse attached! Thank you very much.

Along comes determined me, some ingenuity and half a brain (mine) and it looks as though it will be completed in a couple of weeks. I spent a few hours on Saturday, after not attending a birthday party because of being sick, at the gardens erecting the front and back section of the greenhouse. You'd think I should be laid up on the couch. No. Crazy me is constructing. I felt pretty good afterwards though. A real sense of achievement. 

All though the next day, muscles I have forgotten about, are screaming at me. After sitting for a bit, cross stitching of course, I can hardly walk. Under all this weight I have put on, is a toned goddess. There is.

I've lined up some help to build the rest, so fingers crossed it will be good and done. I will be all sorts of proud. Not to mention the picture on Facebook, with the caption, "For the ones that have gone before me, you have just been schooled. This is how shit gets done Mofos", or to that effect.  It will come at just the right time, with the sowing of seeds for summer veggies. I am pumped!

So that's where my excitement is coming from at the moment, sowing of seeds and embroidery!

What's floating your boat at the moment?