Monday, October 24, 2016

Rivoli wetlands

On the way home from fishing with the kids, much to their dislike (they sit in the car while I take photos by the side of the road), I stopped to shoot the Rivoli wetland and the drain beside it.

I have it said it before (broken record), there has been SO much rain this year and there's water everywhere!

I have taken shots of this area before, at the same of year for comparison. Most definitely more water about this year, and the algae hasn't had time to settle in the flowing waterways.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Moana beach and a wedding

We spent a little time by the beach during the holidays, despite the fact Spring really hadn't sprung in South Australia and it was still rainy, COLD and windy. We did see some sunshine briefly, but like they say, wait five minutes and you will have four seasons in one day.

I was in awe of this fantastic wood carving in Meningie, created by Millicent's own Ant Martin.
The Ant Trail

We stayed by the beach at Moana, south of Adelaide, for a family wedding in the first week of holidays. The marriage of my neice Claire was held at a winery in the McLaren Vale wine region. She married a Danish lad, Sam, who's family are all outrageously good looking. It was a fantastic wedding, though aren't they all in their own respective ways. It special when it's family.

Our place settings double up as our bonbennieres.  

Izzy and I woke early in the morning and went for a walk on the beach. With the rough weather, the usually beautiful sand was gone and the beach was covered with rocks. I like collecting rocks from beaches all over the place.

In the second week of the holidays I took the girls fishing. Izzy is as keen as mustard, but Summer not so much. We went to the Southend drain with no luck and then to the jetty. It has been so wet, the drain is more fresh water than salt. The fish don't like it.

Summer sat in the car playing with my phone because she was too scared to go on the jetty. We caught a couple of slimy cod which weren't much to write home about. They tasted good!

             All the brown, fresh water running out to sea. It's so brown from the dirt that has been washed away from other swelling drains and paddocks. We've had a ridiculous amount of rain.

Izzy had pink hair for the holidays! 

My Little Drummer Boys
Joining Trish for #wordlesswednesday

Monday, October 17, 2016

Going nude for back to school

Yay burgers *insert happy dance*, it's back to school in South Australia for Term 4! 

It's all systems go, for the slippery slide towards Christmas. Izzys class is straight into it next week, with a week of swimming lessons. Rehearsal is well underway for the end of year concert for gymnastics too. I'm on the committee this year, so I am going to busy with this as well.

This first day back Nude Food Day, today, the 17th of October. Nude Food Day aims to raise awareness of healthy food choices and reducing waste for a healthier planet.

It's just a normal week for this household though. I've packed Nude Food lunch box since Izzy was in Kindy.

Last year, Isabel was called up to the front of assembly with her lunch box, because for the whole week, she had accumulated NO waste. That means no unnecessary packaging or wrapping.

This benefits in so many ways-
  • Reduces costs of waste removal for the school
  • Creates less pollution by using reusable containers, instead of one time use zip lock bags or wrappings
  • Reduces rubbish for landfill, creating a healthier planet
  • Saves money. Instead of buying individual packets, buy in bulk and use reusable containers
  • healhier lunchboxes = healthier kids.

To acheive this, I use a Nude Food lunch box. It has seperate compartments and containers for food storage, eliminating the need for wrappings.

I buy in bulk packets, like sultanas, biscuits and popcorn for example. I then fill the small containers from the bigger packets, instead of lots of small packets, reducing waste.

I do bake on occassion, and try to add fresh fruits and veggies, like carrot and celery sticks. 

If I add something like a muesli bar, I unwrap it first and then add it to the lunchbox. It's habit. I am weird I know.

What are you doing to reduce waste at your place?

Monday, October 10, 2016

The mother pluckin baggage area

Shopping with kids can be a pain in the arse. Forget about looking for anything for me, they are going off in all directions, all the sparkly new stuff is too much of a distraction. That's usually about when the wee dance kicks in and we take a detour for the nearest dunny. 

Self service checkouts are stressful with kids. They all want to scan thier own stuff, and will chuck a hissy fit at the checkout because they want to scan it themselves. If you are extremely lucky they will loudly refuse help when clearly they are having trouble. They're fighting over shit to scan and as soon as they hear the beep, they want it on their person right there and then. 

If that's not bad enough, you hear an annoying lady voice, not unlike the one on automated phone calls, that you inevitably tell to fuck off at some stage. She is telling you, "Please put item in the baggage area".

Except it is not in the baggage area, it is on the person who is screaming like a banshee because they want to carry it now! Like NOW! That's when the dragon lady within you starts rearing her ugly head, which you have to keep down, because you're already attracting a bit of attention now from everyone within thirty metres. You calmly try to convince the child they have to put the item on the goddam baggage area. Not unlike a princess when her son has just refused to high five the prime minister, except I was not crouching down. The queen would be proud of me.

Kids want their stuff straight away. As soon as it goes in the bag, they are crying about where thier new shirt is, and if not then, it's as soon as you've put it in the boot and you are clicking their hysterical arse into thier car seat. Inevitably things are sweet, as soon as you walk through the door they race off to their respective bedrooms for a fashion parade of all the pretty items. I look for the nearest wine glass.

Going off your seething dragon lady nut in a public area is not very pretty, or dignified. You wait til you are safely departing the car park with all the windows up before the dragon lets loose with a barrage of loudness that only a mother is capable of. It shuts them up, sometimes they'll laugh, or argue back. It rarely makes me feel better. 

How I feel after shopping with the kids
In twenty or thirty years at Christmas time, they will reminise and joke about how Mum used to lose her shit in the car. My brothers and sisters used to think Mum was a psycho, we have a ball reminding her of how fucking crazy she was. There was five of us, and she has recently told us we were a mob of arseholes. We think it's funny as fuck, we also love her more than any other person in the world.

Fuck the self service area, unless of course you're on your own and don't feel like human interraction today. Then it is perfectly acceptable.