Friday, August 30, 2019

What's been happening?

I turned on the computer on this morning to be notified I need to restart to turn on new features. Well although I myself need some time for recuperation, there have been some new features installed into my life regardless, and they're all good. Good for me.

I begun my new job as merchandiser for John Sands this week. It requires me to tidy up, restock and reorder stock for John Sands displays in several supermarkets in Millicent and Naracoorte. It will only take up a day or so a fortnight, which I am happy with. It's enough for me! So keep me in a job and buy greeting cards, packaging and wrapping!

I also finished the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy course I was undertaking. I am now a certified CBT practitioner. Not practicing, but I like to broaden my knowledge and it's kept me engaged and has actually helped me recognise and understand my own behaviours and where I can improve my mindset.

Thirdly, I start a volunteering role at Resthaven today, an aged care service. I will be helping out with exercise classes on a Friday and also going on social outings now and then. 

A lot of things have been getting on top of me lately. Life sure doesn't slow down for anyone. A recent visit to the doctors and blood checks showed that I had low iron, which would explain my tiredness and fatigue. I am not one to trot of to the doctor unless I have to, but I realise I need to look after myself better. To listen to my body and respond. I am no longer going to put myself last.

I do feel in the last week or so, that life is renewing for me. A page has turned and a new chapter of my life has begun.

Talking about new life, we've had our resident plover population take over the cul de sac in the past week or two with their fluffy, cute little babies. They wouldn't let me get too close for better photos as they pitter pattered down my driveway. They've been wandering and exploring up and down our short street, so it makes for a slow exit at five kilometres an hour while they dart and waddle around.

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  1. That's a lot of update...and even though physical health needed the check up ...go you on the good changes. The CBT practitioner course sounds interesting. We can all benefit from understanding our own behaviours to help ourselves first! Go you on the job too. Loved this update. Denyse x

  2. Congrats on the new job! So much going on with you.
    I just got back from the Gold Coast so I have been absent from blogs for a while. It's good to be back. X

  3. So many great things on your horizon! This is the time of year when I feel renewed and ready to refocus on new goals and passions!


  4. Awesome stuff for you, wow! It's always exciting to start a new chapter.

    My Corner of the World


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