Monday, August 20, 2018

Oh for the flowers.

It is wonderful to be sharing here this week. It is wonderful to know I am missed. 

Life has been busy, if not overwhelming. Work is busy, home life is busy, with kids and all the other things that happen, like swimming lessons, haircuts, helping number one son.

Mother hen has gone to the cup, and it has been empty pretty well. Without much of a chance to replenish, I have been making an effort to be selfish and do things for me. Take time out for the things I need, to make me feel like me again.

I coached my first school group at gymnastics. It was a small town school so a whole school group under 15 kids, was a good way to cut my teeth. I was nervous as hell, but it went well! Always the way, stressing for nothing. I also had a kindy group of 26 this week, which seemed hectic but turned out all good. That many four and five year olds is like organising a heard of cats! 

Amongst all the things, the garden keeps on giving me gems, something to cut through the coldness of winter. I planted anemone corms a couple of months ago, and now they are giving me most beautiful flowers and colour.

It's coming around that time when winter wares out it's welcome. The cold antarctic wind can bugger off now. Moral is low, we all need a dose of sunshine and some defrosting northern winds.

I went out yesterday to capture the plover babies that roam around our cul-de-sac. The most gorgeous fluffy little things, that huddle in warmth under their mothers. I didn't see them out, but was reminded that spring is moments away, with two wattle birds courting in the gums trees above me.

Foggy mornings usually bring the sunny winter days, two more weeks and I look forward to the sun coming into it's own and basking in it's warmth. I look forward to the garden in all it's glory. 


  1. Your garden fog looks the image of mine. I too am fed up with winter this year. I escaped 3 weeks of it in London and this week I am off to the Gold Coast. I can’t stand the cold anymore!

    1. Ooooh enjoy the Goldie, wish I was headed up there!

  2. As usual you take the most exquisite photos. Glad to hear the coaching went well. And yes, spring is on its way! Enjoy your garden x

  3. Well done on the gymnastics coaching! Gorgeous flowers as always x

  4. Lovely flowers and was nice to read what you were up to. Welcome back!

  5. Spring just feels so fabulously close!!!! Love the daffodils. Amazing photos.

  6. Those flowers are so pretty. We can't grow anything, but I always love seeing what others can!

  7. Yay indeed for the flowers and catching up with your news. I hope the gymnastics teaching continues to be great. Seems like this is a MATCH for you! Love that. Denyse x

  8. Beautiful flowers. Waiting for Spring to arrive.

  9. Beautiful photos! It is always good to be selfish in our self care needs sometimes. For we cannot care for our loved ones if we are not taking care of ourselves. I am glad you had the chance to do so!


  10. I know the feeling about the cold. I am SO ready for spring and gardening, too!


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