Monday, March 26, 2018

Just not cricket and other tv news

What a weekend for news!

Cricket. Gun laws and of course in other tv news, Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, I hear your collective groan. 

I have been lost for good reality tv viewing since I'm a Celeb finished and lets face it, MAFS did not float my boat at all. If the previews for Bachelor have anything do go by, rivers will be cried and hearts broken. I am wondering if Kleenex have missed a good advertising opportunity here. 

The bar was open and shirts were off, revealing buffed, bare chests in the first ten minutes. There's plenty to see for the male viewers as well with bum cheeks and boobs spilling out everywhere.

Fair to say, and I am not prepared for the backlash, I will be tuning in for the next instalment. Totally sucked in for the drama to follow.


I am loving what has happened in Washington DC over the weekend.It was amazing to see such a unified push to challenge the American gun control laws.

Barrack Obama took to Twitter to relay the same feelings. I replied immediately, with it being a shame he couldn't change laws when he had the chance and these people wouldn't need to march to demand change.

Brett and I were joking about going into BigW and buying a gun licence, like buying phone credit at the checkout. Gun licence, a bottle of Jack's and a hand gun for a 21st birthday. We can joke about it in Australia, but sadly in America, it's not a joke. It happens.

When I first heard the news about the admission of ball tampering by the Australian cricket team, I was disgusted. I was disappointed and mortified that they had knowingly cheated, and that the captain had allowed it to happen.

This reminded me of what happened at the Essendon Football Club in the AFL, with Lance Armstrong in cycling. 

For me it is far more serious, because they are reperesenting us as a country. To play fairly. There are so many young players who look up to the test team, and I don't want them thinking this is the way to play the game.

I fell in love with cricket when I was a young teen, maybe it was at an impressionable age, and you know, good looking cricket players. But I have great memories staying up late on summer nights watching day/nighters with my brothers and sisters. The players were heroes, good men, or so I imagined. Not too disimilar to how young cricket fans adored Don Bradman and fell in love with cricket years ago.

This issue has been a hot topic in our household, we both agree that the captain had to be stood down, as he has. It is dispicable that he could have let this happen. It makes me wonder how many other players on the team that day had intended to cheat, and how many of them knew about it. Sad day for Australian cricket. It's a story I'll be keeping an eye on in the coming week. 


  1. Watched bits and pieces of MAFS because Mick watched it, so I'll probably do the same with this Bachelor in paradise thing. I kind of hate watch and roll my eyes but whatever works. Don't really follow cricket (or any sport), but still always disappointing when sporting heroes cheat.

    Meanwhile pretty disgusted in myself for often forgetting to link up here. Need to take a good hard look at myself...*hangs head in shame*

    1. You're not doing it properly if you're not eyerolling lol :)

  2. I think the Australian cricket team cheating is absolutely despicable and a total embarrassment to Australia!

    I think rather than just to be stood down from their leadership roles I think those in the know and involved should be sacked from the team itself. If it means our team will be weaker in the next couple of matches so be it!

    The consequences for their actions needs to be loud and clear to send a message to the players, the Australian public and the rest of the world!


    1. I absolutely agree Ingrid. I had a little laugh this morning as I ate some left over popcorn in front of the news this morning after my fruit. It seemed appropriate to the circus that is going on at the moment.

  3. I am sharing a post today that is very timely considering the events in D.C. this weekend! Such an important topic to discuss!


  4. Really sad and disgusting about the cheating. Cricket is one of my favourite games because my dad was a cricketer. Those days they weren't paid to play, they played because they had a passion and a love for the game. These days all sports have become way too competitive and sportsmanship has gone by the wayside.

    1. I thought I had linked up my post but I must've forgotten.


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