Monday, November 20, 2017

Red Rock Bay

We stayed in Pelican Point for a couple of nights this weekend just gone. Saturday we headed to Mount Gambier for the annual Christmas pageant, and this is where I would usually show you photos of the many floats and characters that make up that event.

We settled in to our positions in front of Fasta Pasta on Commercial street, our usual vantage point for watching the pageant. I reached into my handbag for my camera and turned it on, only to realise at that point, that the SD card was not in it, and at home in Millicent on the computer desk.

I then came to the realisation that I'd also left my back up camera, my phone, on the kitchen bench in Pelican Point! So no photos of the pageant this year.

Before we returned to our holiday house, I ducked into Big W to get another SD card, so I could at least capture something of our weekend.

On Saturday arvo after the pageant, we tried our luck fishing at Red Rock Bay, between the Cape Banks lighthouse and Carpenter Rocks. We caught no fish, but did loads of exploring.


  1. Glad you could get a card. Lovely shots. Esp the hearts and the last one...Not sure about poking the strange thing in the Rock Pool tho???!

  2. There’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting your SD Card! I have done it on countless occasions.
    The beach looks beautiful and wow, your kids are growing fast!

  3. Red Rock Bay looks gorgeous! Sucks you forgot the SD Card, but at least you got some photos of your family on the beach :)

  4. Looks like you had loads of fun despite catching no fish!


  5. These photos are amazing! What a beautiful capture of your day!



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