Monday, September 11, 2017

September. How I love thee.

September brings so much sparkly newness. Spring. Warmth. New growth(including weeds!) and it's my birthday month!I am in disbelief that I am turning 45. I don't feel one bit of 45. I feel 30 in the body of a 45 year old!Hubby has just turned 50, and our 10th wedding anniversary has just passed. I can't say we celebrated our anniversary, as it wasn't until I had put the rubbish out that evening, that I realised it was the 8th of September and indeed our tenth anniversary.

I walked in the back door with my hands on my hips, and announced, "By the way! Happy 10th anniversary Boggy!". His immediate reaction was "Oh fuck", and proceeded to give me a hug and a kiss. He suggested we find someone to look after the kids and go out for dinner. With snags already cooking and a case of the CBF's, I suggested we stay home...I spent yesterday clearing weeds in the garden in preparation for the summer veggie patch, and for the hi-dolly dahlias to emerge from the ground. Izzy helped me in the garden, and we planted basil seeds.It is an exciting time. We also discussed the produce we could enter into the annual show in November. She must defend her sash titles for the best junior produce, cut flowers and cooking sash. Even if her cooking sash was for chocolate crackles. I think presenting them in Christmas patty pans was the trick!Making : Loads of salad mixes to have with my dinners. On a health kick in an attempt to eat more fresh food and less processed food, and loosen my pants.Cooking : While de-weeding my veggie patch yesterday, I found a rogue beetroot. Looking forward to roasting it with some fennel and mixing with some lentils for lunch tomorrow. Maybe with some feta mixed through at the end! Mouth is watering already. Drinking : Pu-erh tea. On our recent holiday, we drove up to Mount Tamborine, where I bought some loose leaf tea at one of the shops on Gallery Walk. I only drink herbal teas, mostly bagged teas, so this is a little special than the norm. I've bought this tea before in the Central markets in Adelaide.Reading: This always stumps me, because really, I don't do a lot of reading. I'd love to have more time for novels and magazines. I bought the latest Better Homes and Gardens a couple of weeks ago, mainly to take away on holiday with me. Of course I left it home and haven't looked at it since. it did come with a free taco stand...Wanting: For my new phone to come in the mail! We ordered it at the end of July, and it hadn't come as of Friday and asked for a refund. A refund we got and ordered another phone from someone else. It's my birthday at the end of the week and I hope it arrives before that!Looking: At my floors. The house is a shambles. SO looking forward to some alone time at home, with Brett back at work at the girls at school to clean the house. Not that it will stay clean for long! I did spring clean the fridge over the weekend. There was mould growing on some of the gunk in the veggie crisper. Ew!Deciding: Where to put the seeds in my newly dug up veggie patch. I have seeds saved from last year and am keen to get them in the ground. Isabel did a fabulous job of helping me in the garden, and I've agreed to let her help me plant the seeds. Going to have a good look at my companion gardening book to decide where to put stuff. We have climbing beans, chilli, pumpkin, tomato, beetroot, carrot and radishLiking: The goodies in my first ever Bellabox. I took the opportunity to order my first box for ten dollars and am enjoying having some new skincare and a few things to feel like I am pampering myself. I would probably have never gone out and bought them myself otherwise.Wondering: What will come up to disturb my zen today. It's always something!Loving: That spring has sprung. The days will only get longer and warmer.Listening: I've bought a couple of kids CDs lately and had them playing in the car. It keeps the kids amused for a while, and I have quite enjoyed singing along with them. It is quite uplifting listening to them singing Der Glumph! went the little green frog at full voice. Makes a change to them WWE fighting in the back seat.Considering: Reading the 5 languages of love. I was talking to the mum of one of my Tiny Tots gymnasts, and commented on how well he responds to encouragement and praise. She told me that was his love language. Intriguing, as after that class he initiated and gave me the loveliest hug. I felt as though I had made a breakthrough with him, and as a coach it was an encouraging feeling.Buying: I've run out of Vitamin B pills and St Johns wort. St Johns wort is for nervousness, anxiety and mood. Not sure if my terrible moods have been because I haven't been taking it or the fact that I have been premenstrual the last few days.Watching: Still hooked on Survivor Australia, I missed watching it when I was away and caught up with over the weekend with encores. I watched Gardening Australia on the ABC yesterday too, it gave me the motivation to dig over the veggie patch and get ready for summer veggies.Learning: How to use a dishwasher! I don't have one at home, except little ol me. Or room on holidays did have one. My best friend from high school came to visit with us a couple of days and she could not believe I had never used one. She showed me how and I used it for the rest of the holidays with gay abandon.


  1. Congratulations on the 10th Wedding anniversary. I think if you both forgot it's all good!! Ha!

  2. OMG twinsies! September is also my Birthday and Wedding Anniversary month!

  3. Happy Post with lots of news...I wish you and B a Happy Anniversary too. Glad that the Old holiday was fun and I really enjoyed the pics!! You are "one week ahead" week is Taking Stock over at Life This Week!! Thank you for sharing my blog too as it's the first birthday for Life This Week linky and I am continuing in 2018. D xx

  4. Happy Birthday fellow Virgo! I just had my Bday too and ahem... I am older too!
    Glad you love your Bellabox. So much here in this post. Happy Anniversary too. Xx

  5. Your anniversary story sounds like ours, although, we have a few weeks until our 17th wedding anniversary on 1 October (so maybe we will be prompted to remember it this year!) And I completely hear you on not feeling your age. I turned 42 this year and I do not feel it either. Happy birthday and happy wedding anniversary!!!

  6. I love the 5 love languages thing, and so lovely to finally meet up recently. What a lovely month Sept is for you! x

    1. Was awesome to have a chat Emily. Thanks for meeting up with me, one of my highlights this year :D

  7. Congratulations on your 10th aniversary, the day after on the 9th It was my son's 18th birthday which is the 9/9/99. Enjoy your birthday celebrations.

  8. Well, Happy A-Day to you! This is something that often happens on our anniversary! One or both of us forget! Hahaha. Oh well, we celebrate our marriage daily anyway.


  9. Happy September...Happy Birthday...Happy Anniversary...(we've all had those anniversary's(lol)
    September is always one of my favorite months. Our anniversary month too. Have a GREAT day & a GREAT month. xo


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