Monday, May 22, 2017

An autumns' afternoon at Lake Mac

Saturday arvo I took myself off for a drive to Lake McIntyre. It's like five minutes down the road.

I ducked into Woolies on the way and grabbed a pizza and some garlic bread I could chuck in the oven when I got home for dinner. Easy peasy. Rolled into the adjoining BWS bottlo for a bourbon can for the five minute road trip. Bob's you're uncle.

I spent an easy hour walking around, taking my time and taking photos. I was lapped three times by an avid afternoon walker at one stage!

By the time I'd got home Brett had nipped down to Woolies and grabbed some pizza anyway, obviously filled in by Izzy, and had it in the oven. I added the garlic bread and we spent a Saturday night watching a movie with the kids. Awesome.

Brett nursed his knackerbags after his day surgery 'snip' on Friday. Funniest thing ever! 
We are still finding things to laugh and joke about regarding that! Good on him though for taking one for the team. What a legend.

Joke's on me though, he's home off work for the next few days! Gawd sake!


  1. You get some beautiful captures. Love the reflective water one

  2. How lovely to have somewhere so peaceful within 5 minutes of your home!


  3. I just 'wow'ed all the way through those photos. Yay for you getting out with the big camera. So many great shots. I particularly loved the 'heart' shape in the pink plants. Arent water reflections in nature the best! So you have hub home for a And for an awesome reason. He's done!! Hope you survive in each other's company ok!!

  4. Some absolutely gorgeous pics here!

  5. Knackerbags! LOL! Movie afternoon with pizza would have been great!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  6. Oh love the pictures! I especially love the close-up ones {I'm sure there's a technical term for it!}

  7. Stunning, beautiful and captivating photos.


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