Monday, January 9, 2017

It's a new year (but things are still the same)

Now that the silly season is over, and with three weeks of school holidays left, I am so looking forward to what this year has in store for me.

I am looking forward to both girls being at school. Finally, time for me. 

Everyone keeps asking what I'm going to do with myself. I don't have a clue. Have a clean house for more than five minutes. Time for my brain to uncrazy itself. After that, who knows.

Yesterday Izzy had the pleasure of helping me wax my toes (riveting school holiday fun). I know my toes! Only the big toe and the one next to it.

I was sitting on the back steps, pondering life with a cup of tea, when I noticed how black and coarse the hairs were. Do they get worse when you get a bit older? They seemed worse. 

Usually I reserve my wax strips for my chin, upper lip and my threatening mono brow. 

It doesn't seem so bad, until I actually look at the hairs on the wax strip. How can I have so many stray hairs like that growing on my face! I am totally going to be the old lady, asleep in my chair at the old folks home, with a ripper white goatee. I dread. 

The girls are loving the pool they got for Christmas. So have the kids next door! Pool party time at number 8. They are eating me out of house and home too, hungry buggers! They're all having a ball though.

I got a new camera lens for Christmas, not that I have used it a hell of a lot, but I couldn't help but pull over and take some photos of hay cutting season along the road as I drove to Pelican Point the other day.

I love country scenes like these. If I pulled the car over every time I wanted to, I would never get anywhere. I have found a lot lately, that when I'm driving, I am looking out the window and seeing things as photographic scenes, waiting to be captured. I need to pay more attention to the road!

I am still undecided about a mantra or word for 2017. I do know that I need to take better care of me, instead of putting everyone else first. It's been that way for too long, and it is taking a huge toll. 

I know I need to practice gratitude more often. I find it really helps to remember at least one good thing that happened during my day, to turn around negative talk and feelings.

I need to be patient, and present when it comes to the kids. I think it comes back to the fact that I need some time for me. I have been a snappy McChappy lately and I hate it. 

We've been as busy as shit too, I am reeling most of the time. It was soooo good to have some quiet days at home last week, even though it was kid city in the pool for some of it.

Maybe I need to change some things. Maybe that needs to be my word. Hmmm.

Tell me. What's your focus for the year? 

I'd love to know what you got for Christmas too!!


  1. I'm glad you'll get some me time this year! I'm dreaming of a cleaner house too once my son returns to school. It's almost pointless tidying up when the mini tornado is still here!

  2. I think you have nailed it with your ideas for looking after YOU...but can you do it? Takes some time to get used to choosing for yourself first. I KNOW this. I chose kindness because I have been too sparing in kindness towards myself always putting others' needs first. So, I look forward to reading more about the day you didn't go far in the car but you did stop and get lots of awesome shots with the camera!!

  3. I love your images Alicia.
    I also had a great laugh at your waxing tales! I just read it to my husband. He has always laughed at me for waxing my toes! It was a beautician who got me into the whole concept. Whatever works I say!

  4. I know my life became much easier once both my girls went to school. All the best with finding a new and satisfying direction for 2017. BTW - I cant get over how beautiful your yard is. Your flowers are stunning! (Here in Sydney hardly anyone has a yard anymore).

  5. Oh, those two hairy toes - I have them too! Lol! Oh, and the hairy chin and hairs that grow faster than the hair on my head - what is that about?
    My mantra for 2017 is declutter and look after myself. I'm going to start selling stuff on Facebook as soon as I get my butt into gear. Anything stored away in cupboards that hasn't been used in the past 5 years is out of here!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  6. Oh, I remember those days of being young and having fun in the backyard pool and under sprinklers! Sigh... many, many years ago now! Had to laugh at your toe hair. I have really dark, almost black hair that's now starting to be grey.... but not on my toes. I know what you mean by black, coarse toe hairs! Would you believe I just shave mine. The prospect of a mono brow is also alive and well unless I keep it under control with my tweezers. I'm wishing the next 3 weeks go slowly so I have time to get my classroom ready before the onslaught, but I'm glad you'll have time to yourself back when school starts!

  7. Happy new year! I got fat for Christmas! Okay, fattER. And I'm not really into this whole one word thing but I do need to move more, so I made it that. It will be amazing to have the girls at school and get some time for yourself. Enjoy!

  8. Time for you is part of your health and well-being. Treat yourself to a cuppa at a nice cafe. A first you may feel guilty, but practice makes for enjoying it for you. That pool is a good size too, Also I like hay bales.

  9. I always joke to my husband they'll have to sell me as the bearded lady soon!


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