Monday, October 31, 2016

And that was October, over and out....almost

Happy Halloween!

For the last few years, the girls and I have donned our scary outfits on the last evening of October. Me driving around for two hours, or more, and them getting a massive sugar rush, and sometimes an adreniline rush at one particular house, that even freaks me out. 

This year however, we are staying home and having everyone come to us. I am not really sure if this was a good idea, but I hope the girls have as much fun, and the weather is kind. I also need to whip up a couple of spooky ghost costumes by 4:30 this afternoon! 

It's been raining and blowing a gale, which is not conducive to prize winning flowers for the show. I made the mistake of saying it outloud to Izzy, and nek minute, she walks inside with just about every flower cut off my Just Joey rose, to save them from the weather. God Bless her little soul. I hope none of them were the winning rose! 

The Millicent Show is on this weekend. The girls and I are putting in entries this year. Last year I won a sash for my Irises. That was pretty awesome, and unexpected, so I am hoping the weather doesn't batter the garden anymore this week.... please. But I guess everyone is in the same boat. Thursday is drop off day for all entries. Thinking about is making me nervous! 

The girls birthdays are the weekend after the show, which I have done NO organisation for. The only thing I know it is going to be a small affair, not like last years whole class party! so much going on! I am trying to not think about it all at once, because I start to panic. What I really need to do is make a day to day list, so my brain can digest it in smaller, organised chunks. 


  1. Good luck with your flowers at the Show! Fingers crossed for you :)

  2. How exciting for you, hoping your entries for the show go well. I'm back to blogging today after almost 3 weeks off. Apart from being unwell, I kind of lost my blogging mojo for a bit.

  3. You guys in SA just cant take a trick (pun or not) this month. I do hope you can find a bloom or two unspoiled. Your daughters having birthdays close to each other is a challenge in some ways I guess. Whichever way it works out for the celebrations, it will be awesome I am sure! D xx

    1. I got here a bit early so wanted to add, thanks so much for linking up for Life This Week and your support.Next week's prompt is "Flowers I Love" ...think you might have something to add!! D x

  4. We usually have a big party - it's the best. But alas we've just moved and I'm still unpacking and I can't get my head around unpacking more stuff to pack it up tomorrow....

  5. Lists are the best! I can't keep up without my notebook and my to do list everyday. It really does help a lot to avoid overwhelm.

    Thanks for the opportunity to link up!


    Louise @

  6. All the best with your flower entries in this year's show!


  7. Enjoy the Halloween onslaught tonight!!!!

  8. Best of luck to you and your flowers for the show!

    SSG xxx

  9. Good luck with your competition and with your celebration! :)

  10. Good luck with the show.
    I am supposed to be organising Christmas holidays away and so far haven't even managed to put in for holidays.
    Good luck with organising birthday fun!

  11. I love Irises! I hope all goes well with your flowers. We've had a very quiet night here. No trick or treaters in our neighbourhood. I think small birthday affairs sound lovely. (:

  12. I'd love to see photos of the irises. Good luck with the Millicent show.


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