Friday, May 13, 2016

Everyday #fmy52weeksofmemories

I am falling behind here.

Everyday I struggle to find that balance between having enough down time and staying up way too late. Do I catch up with stuff or sit on my rear watching telly. Masterchef and Gogglebox wins every time. Even those are interrupted by out of bed children who 'NEED' me.

Trying to fit all the things I need to do into a certain number of hours in a day. It doesn't feel like I ever stop.

Mostly I feel I am not achieving anything, yet the opposite is true.

I write lists almost everyday to keep on top of what I want to get done. I manage to methodically cross things of the list and am actually achieving. The list usually goes in the bin and more things get added to the next list, or stacked in my brains memory stores. Stores which don't work all that well.

If I kept every day's lists and looked back over them at the end of the week, I could be quite proud at what I have managed to get done. I am seriously considering doing this.

There are things that I do every single day, that I don't write on the list, because they are automatic. I have been known to write these on the list, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.

Drink a hot lemon drink
First thing in the morning, before I do anything, I make a drink of hot water and lemon (or lime) juice. If I don't use fresh lemons, I have a bottle of juice in the fridge.

I can't remember when I started doing this, but it's become a habit. Even when we were camping I took my bottle of lemon juice.

Feed the dog and chooks
This is one of those things I will write on the list and cross it off, just for the recognition. I am the animal feeder, hear me roar......
The dog barely raises an eyelid from his kennel as I feed him in the morning. The three chooks come running with gusto as I toss the contents of the chook bucket into the run. I get 2 eggs as my reward. One of the chooks is getting a little long in the tooth and hasn't given me an egg for ages. Maybe chicken soup will be on the list soon.

Eat breakfast
Without fail I make myself breakfast, and eat it. OK, so I forgot one day last week, I did eat something after the school run when I got home like a good little chicken.

More often than not it's porridge. Today it's left over chunky soup I made yesterday.

I have managed to get our routine down pat in the mornings that I have time to sit down to breaky. In between packing school bags and having a shower.

This is something else I have no trouble putting on the list just because, and crossing off. I am a hard working washer woman. Whether it be dishes or the washing pile of hardly worn clothes and wet towels. I cross that shit off my list bane of my existence of my list.

The bathroom, dunny and floors however are usually neglected. I should hang my head in shame. The trick is not to breathe in or look too hard at the wrong time.

I don't mind cooking.  I actually enjoy it. I cook something everyday, so that's probably a good thing.

What really shits me off is when the kids wont eat it. I try.

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