Monday, December 7, 2015

Coca Cola advertising in our little town

My place in time #90. Coca Cola - It's been around most of our lives. Let's see how it looks around the world.

Well if you ask me, it's been around ALL of my life. I can't remember a time Coke wasn't a part of my life. Not that I drank it all of my life. I remember when I was younger, in the early eighties, a young man died in our community. I recall my mum saying, and this was probably total gossip, that he drank Coke every day, and not a little Coke, a LOT, which led to his demise.

I do know, when I was preggers with Izzy, I drank a shitload of Zero Coke. It was responsible, as a breast feeder, for many a pooplosion. The artificial sweetener went straight through me and straight to her.

Having gestational diabetes, I guess I thought this was a healthy alternative. I am not sure now, that Coca Cola is a healthy alternative in any situation, except maybe with whiskey. These days I prefer a cup of herbal tea, where wine is not an option!

I hardly touch the stuff (coke) these days. Wine is another story. Oh my god, my weekend would not be complete with a week ending dose of the stuff. I guess in those days, of being preggers and breastfeeding, Zero Coke was my vice.

It seems Coca Cola cash in, on takeaway businesses as a high advertising point. As you can see, where there is money to be made in food retail, there is money to be made in beverage advertising. The two go hand in hand.

It is second nature to see these advertising boards on sidewalks, and I didn't really take much notice, until I was looking for how Coke was related to 'My place in time'. These is how Coke looks in my place in time. It's everywhere!

'My place in time', is a photographic local history project created by Kel at Blackcurrant Photography. There are 100 prompts, and I am slowly but surely getting through them. At the end of the project, my photos will be published in a book that will be given to my local library and/or local history group.

You can see my progress and past posts for the 'My place in time' project on my Pinterest board.


  1. It's everywhere, isn't it? Not even subliminal messaging...

  2. This is a great post Alicia! Having a background in advertising, I actually appreciate looking at these type of things. While I am not a fan of modern Coke advertising, I do love their vintage and Christmas signs. I actually have a vintage Coke magazine ad framed in my living room. It features a gorgeous drawn image in Hawaii and is really very kitsch. I think Coke would have a bigger market share if they fell back on their traditional and historic advertising campaigns. Anyway, I like Pepsi every so often as a drink!

  3. I wish I liked drinking Coke, it looks so refreshing especially on a hot day but I just don't like the taste of cola! :(

  4. I used to love the stuff (Coke) too! Until I started having dizzy spells from the sugar overload! Haven't drunk it in years and don't miss it one bit. The 'My Place in Time' photography project is a great idea. Wonderful that you're enjoying the process ♥

  5. It's Coke all the way for me but like you I hardly have it because trying to be good - YAWN!

  6. Coke advertising is everywhere, isn't it. I'm not keen on the normal stuff but I do love a bit of the diet variety.

  7. Coke is probably everywhere around me too but I don't notice it anymore. I used to drink nearly a ltr of it a day between lunch break at work and dinner time, but then I was in hospital for a week and they didn't have it. When I came out I hated the taste after not having it for so long. Cured my addiction, now I can't touch the stuff. Frozen coke on the other hand is AMAZING.

  8. What an interesting photo project, especially given the end result.

    1. you'd be interested to know that Kell is a Perth girl. I am looking forward to seeing it through.


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