Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The road to Pelican Point

Often I have driven these roads, taken in the scenery and thought I must share it. Monday of the long weekend, I headed to Pelican Point to clean the house, after tenants had been through.

It's around a 40 kilometre drive through farm lands. After you turn off the Tantanoola/Kongorong road, the scenery turns to pine plantations all the way to Carpenter Rocks.

I was by myself as Brett was home from work, and had taken the girls to a friends house to play.

I had all the time in the world to stop and take the photos I've so often thought I should.


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  1. So pretty and green. I love that b&w one and the canola? with wind turbines in the backgroung. That looks like a lovely area. I am glad you took the photos along the way, just so I could look at them.

  2. I see so much that I'd like to photograph when driving but never do. There are some beautiful old, dead gums on the way to Kingston. I must stop next time I'm by myself (wink wink)!


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