Friday, June 19, 2015

Tony Pasin's stance on same sex marriage

I was so disappointed in our local member of parliament and his stance on same sex marriage. He has every right to his moral choice, being a religious man, I can understand his reluctance to support it.

I do however hope that his Christian faith does not hinder the job he was elected to do as our spokesperson in parliament. Supporting the wishes of his constituents. If it does I think he is the wrong job!

I went to the Australian Marriage Equality website to find out how my local MP stands on marriage equality. I sent my local member, Tony Pasin an email and this is the reply I got.

Dear Mrs O’Brien,

Thank you for contacting me regarding proposed same sex marriage legislative changes.

This is an issue on which decent people can differ and I appreciate that there is a diversity of opinions across the community on this important social issue. I am grateful that all of us are able to express our views in a debate in which to this point has been conducted in a respectful and considerate manner.

Questions such as this are deeply personal and, in my case, informed by my Christian faith.

As I said on radio, an overwhelming majority of people who have approached me on this issue have asked me to confirm the position as the traditional definition.

Before being elected, consistent with my beliefs, I took a clear position to the electorate that I supported the current definition of marriage and as such in any vote before the Parliament I will be voting to support the traditional definition of marriage.

If there are any other issues I can assist you with please feel free to contact me office.  

Yours sincerely

Tony Pasin MP

No worries Tony. I'll be sure to contact ya office.

P.S. Sack your proof reader.

I did share the link to the Australian Marriage Equality website on my personal Facebook page. It was a reminder to my friends, that no matter how much whining they did about the issue on Facebook, nothing would make an impact than actually voicing that opinion on our local member of Parliament.

They say you should never talk politics or religion. But I'm gonna anyway.

I wonder if people are aware Sanitarium products like Weet Bix, are owned by the Seventh Day Adventist church who are known for their anti-gay stance. Is this an organisation they would want their consumer dollars going to?

I have to wonder why someone in a same sex relationship, would send their kids to a Catholic school. When ultimately that school will teach their kids, that their lifestyle is wrong. 

Could you imagine the furore at the end of year formal, when Bill and Ben turn up as prom dates? Old Father Bob would choke on his holy water.

One day all this won't be an issue. Once upon a time it was illegal for a negro man to marry a white woman. Remember that? I don't. I'm not that old. Ancient history.

I hope my children when they are my age, can look back and say they remember when gay marriage was illegal. That they accept and are tolerant of same sex marriage, like it's just the norm to see a gay marriage performed in local gardens and parks. Maybe they'll be guests!

Let's hope they don't have to wait that long.

Did you email your local member to let them you know your views?


  1. Ugh... How can religion foster such intolerance? Love is love. My local member has similar views. How disappointing.

    1. I don't get it. Aren't we supposed to be accepting and tolerant of all?

  2. I gather sometimes political parties allow 'conscience' votes whereby members don't HAVE to toe the party line and can go with their personal opinion... but surely that must also reflect their electorate. Interesting he draws on his 'Christian' faith. Is he catholic? My mum's a very good Anglican and has no problem at all with the concept of homosexuality and gay marriage. I'm kinda tired of the 'religious' excuse when sometimes it's hiding something else.

    1. It annoys me too. Especially when up to last minute he left his views as undecided. A sheepish Australian much?

  3. Fabulous post Alicia, did you watch Q&A last night, it was on this very topic, Fred Nile spoke a lot of crap and the rest were great! One of our 3 is against it too - what a bigot. Happy weekend lovely x

    1. I didn't see it! I should be watching Q&A. I had a great weekend, thank you.

  4. Nice post. I find the furore perplexing. We know same sex couples live together and buy houses together and have families, and we're cool with that. But if they want to get married, let's act like it has some impact on us? I don't get it. I understand churches may say 'not in this church' as they may say to a divorced person remarrying, or a non religious person, or a person of a different religion, but to fight against the civil union? Weird.

    1. I find it so contradicting when the government will acknowledge same sex couples, but not let them legally unite. They are just delaying the inevitable.

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