Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My favourite shop in the main street

My place in time #4 
A small business

My go to place for gift buying. So much gorgeous stuff. It's Sassi.

It's also where I told Izzy to take her Dad for my birthday and christmas presents, he wasn't listening. Loser ;) Just a voucher would do! I will have to push my case leading up to Mother's Day.

See anything you like? I do!


  1. We have a shop like that, I get things from there for birthdays!! This year I got a divine candle and some soap and moisturiser to go with the body wash I got for Christmas!! I should get my hubby to give your hubby some tips!! It helps that a friend of mine works there and gives a little push in the right direction!!
    Love the name of your shop and for the record I would buy most things from there!!

  2. That looks like a great shop ... one of those you never know what treasures you'll find shops. Hopefully the hint sinks in.

  3. Fingers crossed for Mother's Day, Alicia! I would love a few of those cushions, beautiful colours :)

  4. Oh yes I could spend a LOT of money in here, next time, write it down, with a wish list and he might just deliver the goods. xx

  5. I love! Can't wait to have a beautiful home to decorate... one day :)

  6. I always enjoy exploring little bric-a-brac shops like these. And love the pops of colour and little eclectic mixes of items in this shop.


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