Monday, March 10, 2014

Land of the Long Weekend #openslather

It's a public holiday today in South Australia, for the Adelaide Cup, and Labour Day in Victoria. The 10th of March is also Canberra Day in the ACT, and Eight Hours Day in Tassie.

We've travelled over the border into Victoria for a few days in Warrnambool, at the Surfside caravan park. The park is chocca block, the fullest I've seen it in years. It's on the beach and the Victorian Nipper(surf life saving)championships were on, kids and good looking fit people everywhere!

With so many people, the go was getting up at sparrows fart for a shower, to avoid the line up. About five in the pm was also a bad time, I bathed the girls in the laundry tubs. So glad I had a spare bath plug in the caravan, because they don't provide them with the tub.

One of the perks of getting up early, is going out for a walk to watch the sunrise, before the kids were up. There is an awesome walking, running and cycling track along the beach, also where you will see lots of good looking fit people(that wasn't me!).

It's been a great weekend, friends joined us, and we went to the Port Fairy folk festival and checked out some of the sights.

The next long weekend we are expecting is Good Friday on the 18th of April, followed by Easter Saturday and Easter Monday, then Anzac Day on Friday the 25th of April. I am wondering how many people have put in for those three days off work in between Easter and Anzac Day!

We've been going on a few short trips of late, I am looking forward to staying home over Easter.

Are you off anywhere over Easter?

What do you get up to on your long weekends?


  1. What an absolutely amazing sunrise shot! Have a wonderful long weekend with your family.

    1. Thank you Eva, we are just packing up now and heading home. Back to reality and a few loads of washing!

  2. oh I am jealous! I don't ever get long weekends! But at least I get penalty rates for working them I suppose! Hope you had a great one!

  3. Sounds like heaps of fun, we must really do more of this, we actually do have the time but I'm just not that organised, have to go low season or else it's booked out - but you have inspired me to book for when hubby has next RDO, before our boy's stent is removed in 6 weeks - no more excuses for me - best girls loved the tub bath, great idea xx

  4. I've heard great things about the Port Fairy Festival! Its a bit far to travel from QLD though :(

  5. Gosh I love looking at your piccies! You certainly live in a beautiful part of the country! I have been to Warnambool once, in October so I thought the weather was going to be lovely! Boy was I wrong! I am heading to the Gold Coast over my holidays and I cannot wait!!!!

  6. Not bragging but we are heading to Fiji the day after ANZAC day!! We will be having a quiet easter at home although maybe heading down the coast to catch up with friends. I miss caravaning but it isn't an option for us at the moment thanks to long work hours and weekend sport etc. You sound like you are loving it!! Remind me to share my van experience sometime. Will be back for open slather next week!!


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