Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lucky clover

"A best friend is like a Four Leaf Clover: hard to find and lucky to have." -Sarah Jessica Parker

This is my patch of lucky clover, out the backyard, just to the right of the clothesline. That crate is where I sit my washing basket.

I believe it to be the variety 'Trifolium repens'. It is well known to have the occurrence of four leaf clovers. I seem to have them in abundance when I go looking for them, which isn't too often. Lucky me.

It seems a shame to let the mower eat them up every couple of weeks, I should really be cashing in and doing something useful with them. 

I went looking yesterday for my sister in law.

She shared one of those facebook things, it was a picture of a four leaf clover that read, 'share me and you will receive luck'. Pfffft! I replied that I find these all the time and I would find her one. 

I made my first coffee of the day, set it on the outdoor setting and found 4, four leaf clovers before my coffee was cold. I sat down and laid them in some towelling paper and then put them in the pages of a book, to press.

The only book I had spare on my bookshelf that I wouldn't need any time in the near future, or any future was a baby names book. 

I put two clovers in each towelling paper and placed them in two pages of the book, one with the name of my brother and one in the page of my SILs name. Bit bloody cute. I told her not to read into the reason it was a baby names book!! Just something I had spare. I didn't tell her "No pressure"! But gee, it would be lovely.

 The four leaves of the lucky clover are said to represent hope, faith, love and luck.

I hope to God(the 3 leaved clover usually represents the father, the son, and the holy spirit, and the fourth leaf = god's grace), this brings my brother all these things. He has had a rough year with his health.

If you find yourself sitting by a patch of clover with white flowers like this and the markings in the leaves, take a closer look. You may well find yourself a four leaf clover ;)

These are the two I found when I was at the end of Summers pregnancy, so I have had them pressed for two years. They are dried perfectly with all their colour, and will last forever.


  1. I found myself humming the song "I'm looking over a four leaf clover". I never knew about the representation of the four leaves before... both are very meaningful. It's wonderful to have such an abundant supply of God's grace right in your backyard.

    1. That is a wonderful way of looking at it. Thanks Serene :)

  2. How lovely to have these in your garden. My wee Scottish granny had a patch like this and she used to press them and put them on cardboard covered in sellotape and give them to people for good luck. Then she started to sell them for the Guide Dogs Assoc. She raised heaps of money for them over the years. You've reminded me of that story today and I'm really grateful to think of my gran. Hello via FYBF

  3. You took me back to my childhood where I would sit for hours and hours looking for 4 leaf clovers to bring me luck - I hunted so desperately for them as the idea was so magical - and here u are, so lucky. This was a really beautiful post to read, and I hope your brother finds his health this year, and I God's grace :-)

  4. I used to search for them as a child too. It was such a buzz to find and keep them :)

  5. That's interesting about the 4 leaf clover including God's grace. I never knew that.
    I haven't found one in the longest time! Time to go searching, I think!

  6. Lucky you! I spent hours of my childhood searching for a 4 leaf clover!

  7. I can remember looking for them and I do believe that they are magical.

  8. We have lots of four leaf clovers in our backyard too. Did you see a while back that Mr Banya found a five leaf clover? Made me wonder if we're sitting on a nuclear dump site! xx


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