Sunday, March 17, 2013

Friday inspired sesh

Friday night we sat down to watch some telly. Izzy was up but Summer was already asleep in her cot, she hadn't had a sleep all day, well, very, very briefly in the car on the way home from Izzys gym class.

We watched the end of a Scooby Doo movie, Izzy laughed at Scooby's childlike antics. Might be a movie I will have to get around to downloading in future.

Shrek Forever After came on after and we settled down to watch it. Izzy was excited, she loves Shrek, and we hadn't seen this one yet. I loved hearing this song. I recall hearing a lot of The Carpenters music when I was a kid.

I thought it was great when Puss in Boots sung this one. Go Antonio!!

Tiredness overtook Izzy not long into the movie and she fell asleep. She had a big morning with two, one hour gym lessons, broken up with morning tea in between. We were playing catch up after missing the Friday before when we left for a long weekend in Warrnambool. 

Izzy has been walking up the walls (even the fridge) practicing her handstands. She was so proud to show her Dad when he got home from work.

Little old rough and tumble having a go too. Clown. She's a goer!

We watched highlights of last years Olympic gymnastics on YouTube when we ate lunch. When I think of songs from the Olympic Games, Amigos Para Siempre always comes to mind, sung by Sarah Brightman and Jose Carreras at the closing ceremony in Barcelona. The following song was played in the opening ceremony, unfortunately Freddie died the year before, in 1991 and wasn't there to perform it.

Brett and I really enjoyed watching Shrek. One of the rare times we sit down and watch anything together without the kids. I was a bit excited when Paul Blarts Mall Cop started after Shrek, but with a few wines, was ready for bed and couldn't stay awake to watch all of it. This was one the first songs in that movie.

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  1. I love the music in Shrek. There is an awesome Stevie Wonder song at the end of the last Shrek movie that always has me humming along. Smash Mouth's "All Star" in the first movie is also good as is Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca" at the end of the second. You might be able to tell that my kids are just a little Shrek mad here at the moment!


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