Thursday, February 7, 2013

Men and glad wrap

What is it with men and gladwrap? I should rephrase that and say, what is wrong with my man and gladwrap?

I am sure somewhere there are men who can manage to roll out a square of cling film for their sandwich without fucking up the whole roll. I sit in the lounge and listen to the grumbling and can only think what a useless dickhead my husband is. Maybe I will surprise him and make his sandwiches for work again, like I used to, with the little love note under the wrap, every now and then. But I have enough to do without making a big boys lunch.

Are they all inept of covering anything they put back in the fridge too? The half arsed attempt of rewrapping the fritz, or devon, or whatever you call where you live, covering that plate of food. And there goes the other thing, the plate of food, or plate, of nothing.

Who leaves and empty plate in the fridge?...... My hubby. Who leaves a half can of dogfood in the fridge with no covering?....My hubby. This grossed me out, who wants eggs with that hint of dogfood? I shake my head in astounding wonder sometimes. Like the two crusts, left in the bread bin. We have a chook bucket, and more bread in the freezer, or just right there, right next to where he's standing, there's a bin! Astounding me, again!

Are these familiar sights in your house, or is it just me?

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  1. Ha you are funny!! Nothing annoys me more than not putting stuff in the bin and leaving it on the sink!!

  2. Ew! My husband is a fastidious fellow so he doesn't do this, but my dad however is a serial offender. His fridge is a graveyard of unwrapped leftovers and he doesn't put the lid on plastic containers in the freezereither! Gross and weird. Why does he do this?? I'll never understand. Same reason he hangs washing on the line withoy pegs probably, so the clothes inevitably fall on the ground. Dad, you are crazy.

  3. Lol. Sometimes I see empty milk cartoons but I don't understand it because it takes as much effort to put it BACK in the fridge as it would to put it in the recycling.

    1. Oh yes, the empty milk. I get it, how hard would it be just to chuck it out. I think they like creating work for us.

  4. Oh yes, oh no. Sounds like my teenager - empty plate plus glad wrap in frigde, dog food no lid , milk with dribbles. We have a big glad wrap roll with fancy cutter - my hubby has finally got the knack.

  5. Thanks for linking in - excuse all of the hiccups I am having on my learning curve with my linking in tool.

    I totally relate to your frustration - I currently have a house full of males and nothing gets a lid put on correctly - nothing worse than taking something from the fridge by holding the kind and having the container fall to the floor as the lid isn't put on correctly. I also score the corner of every plastic container not sealed or closed as this is the corner they lift to obtain the goodies - but why seal it - I might need more is the reasoning. I am putting this down to a male thing.

  6. *cough* actually in our house the culprit is me!

  7. Alicia, this post is hilarious. I'm off to put it on my pinterest board...


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